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Ecomaholics 4 in 1 Laptop Screen Guard (Glossy) / Laptop top guard (Black) / touchpad protector (Black) / keyboard cover for Acer TravelMate P214-53 UN.VPLSI.048 Laptop

Ecomaholics 4 in 1 Laptop Screen Guard TravelMate P214-53

Price: ₹1,299.00 - ₹499.00
(as of Jun 26,2022 13:25:40 UTC – Details)

Ecomaholics 4 in 1 Laptop Screen Guard

Product description

  1. This is comlete insurance for your laptop .
  2. It includes screenguard / laptop skin / touchpad protector/silicon keyboard cover.
  3. It provides complete protection to your laptop from dust , damage , dents and scratches.
  4. This is the Original No.1 and ultimate high performance screen protector advanced engineered with superior materials and process.
  5. Offers proven superior quality, with an optimized design fit, distortion free True HD clarity maintaining original image colors, UV protection for original display protection with lifetime assurance of no material color change.screen protector is Crystal clear, invisible and Glossy.
  6. It protects your screen from scratches and dust. It is Gum Free and can be removed easily whenever required even after years. It has three layer Protection.
  7. Kindly ensure the size before ordering.
  8. screen protector is a premium quality product.
  9. Proper installation will yield an excellent result.
  10. Before installing please watch the installation video on youtube channel and the follow the instructions step wise.
  11. We accept returns / rejections before peeling of layer1 and layer2 stickers.
  12. No Support for bubble issue.
  13. It is purely due to improper installation.
  14. So request you to follow the instructions carefully. Touchpad protector will increase the life of touchpad .
  15. skin will be little bigger in size so it will required little trimming to fit into your laptop


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